About Carenza …

So who is Carenza, I hear you ask. Carenza is a stunningly gorgeous but rebellious green-eyed teenager who lives, with her dysfunctional family, in a magnificent House, on the North Cornish cliffs, overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  You are probably thinking: so what, but Carenza is no ordinary sixteen year old. Oh no! But wait  first you should meet Sue, who fearing for her life, flees Canada, turning up in a fishing village in Cornwall, a village much resembling a place she has repeatedly visited in a reoccuring dream. It sounds complicated but it isnt – honestly.  IF you would you like to know more about these women and their entwined lives,  leave a comment for me and if enough plead with me to reveal all,  I shall only – I must warn you, this is not for the feint hearted. So are you brave enough to join them on their adventures, some romantic, some life threatening, and most mind boggling ?

Let me know.


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