Chapter 6

 “I think we owe it to the Peverells to get out from under their feet.  They’ve been

really good to me since I arrived a week ago, and, incidentally, to you too.

I think we should do as Colin suggested – take off for the day.  Tomorrow, I

can drive you to Newquay. There are regular flights to Gatwick – takes about half-

hour, I’m told” 

He didnt respond,his expression hard to read. She waited before adding ”Would

you like to take a look at the Rosmerryn ruins then maybe we can drive to Port

Becca for lunch?’


He went ahead, pushing through the tangled branches, climbing over the low

fence and along the up-hill path.  It was dark and cool beneath the

gallery of trees. Would she see any ‘visions’ today? Then they were stepping out

onto the cliffs and with a rush of relief she saw the ruins, not the splendour of

Rosmerryn. Liam moved past her to study the crumbling stones and pillars,

studying  the remains in a detached manner, moving closer, standing alone.

Because the silence heightened her anxiety, she began describing the

architecture of the house, and even the decor, pointing out the Main Hall and

Great Staircase.  ” … up there was the Minstrels Gallery – it led  into the Long Hall

and the family’s private apartments.  There would have been another stair at the

 end leading down to the Library and Drawing Room – those rooms were on the

easterly side …” She guided him through the outline of the Main Entrance. “This

would have been the Hall, the Library was through there – oh, and just across

 there – the Music Room.” She gestured towards the west side of the Hall. “You

know, the Lady Annaline was an accomplished musician. Before she married

Lord Euan, she had been tutored by some of the finest teachers in France .” She

 seemed oblivious to his frown of curiosity until unexpectedly the distinct sound

reminiscent of a cord-instrument sounded in the distance. Sue’s voice stilled, the

colour draining from her face, her eyes fastened to the space which had once

been the Music Room.  

“I think we should go.  Now, Sue!”.

 “Lyam” She whispered the name with an odd emphasis, staring towards the

elegant Music Room of long ago. He pulled her around to face him. Her pale face

glistening with perspiration. Gently he shook her, then harder until the colour

began to seep back into her face.

“Sue! “

Her eyes slowly focused on him. “Liam, did you hear it?” Her fingers bit into his

arms “Did you!”

“Honey, we’re right on a cliff edge with the sea coming in below. There’s sure to

be freaky sounds.  Come on.  Let’s go”.

They had reached the wall where Sue had sensed such agony that first afternoon.

 Now she held him back. “No! Not there”. Liam did not argue, his arm guiding her

 back to the path they had climbed. He stopped once to look back.  The sun was

already turning the ancient stones to reddish gold and all was peaceful. 

 It was Liam who slid in behind the steering wheel, turning to  her. “You didn’t

tell me you knew so much about these Rosmerryns?”. 

She stared ahead leaving him free to study her carefully and he was reminded of

that eerie moment in the ruins when Sue seemed to freeze into stone.

 “How come you know so much about them?  About that house?”

 “I’ve been reading a village Guide – it’s written by a local. Velda loaned it me”

 He turned the ignition key and the engine kicked into life but he did not move the

 car. “Earlier you asked me why I came looking for you, right?” 

 She did not want to fight but Liam was saying quietly. “Its a pretty weird tale.

Bizarre even but I’d heard Cornwall was a haunted land.  Do you believe


 “Haunted?” Sue heard her own voice, unsteady.  He nodded. “Well, there’s you

 hearing claviscord music and quoting information like an eighteenth

century reference book …” 

Sue looked at him. “How did you know it was a claviscord, and eighteenth 


He shrugged.  “Was it?”

 “You did hear it!” She lost some of her fear. “You did!”.

He shook her firmly by the shoulders.”I didn’t hear anything. It’s like I said; you

hear strange sounds in a place like that.  You have a thought in your head and

something happens and it links up.  But it’s just fancy.” 

 “I’m scared, Liam. I’m scared to believe I heard it because if I did and you

didn’t then I am crazy.  I really am going nuts if these things keep happening to

me …”

 “What things?”

She turned aside. “What were you saying before …”  

Reluctantly he gave a shrug. “Its nothing much.  Just a dream”. 

 “Tell me.”  She needed to think about something else.

 “I dreamt you were in trouble.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this dream so I

decided to come and see for myself. It was nothing much.  Just a dream.”

 “A dream?  You came three thousand miles because of a dream?” then  “But

how did you know where to find me?”

He was looking ahead “The name of the place was whitewashed on the wall. 

After the third night I checked it on the internet  and there really was

such a place in Cornwall, England” Wearing an embarressed flush he admitted. “I

tried phoning but there was no hotel listed. ’cause there ain’t no hotel, right?  I

didn’t know about the Inn. So I jumped a plane.  That’s it.”

She was incredulous. “You came all this way, because of a dream? It must

have been one hellva dream”. Then.”Tell me about it.”

Refusing to meet her intent gaze he muttered. “I don’t remember it exactly”.

She thought about the dream which had tormented her first nights at the

Fishermens Rest; the dream she had first experienced in Toronto.  She saw the

buffeting waves and the name PORTMERRYN whitewashed clearly on the lower

harbour walls. “I was drowning” she spoke aloud, surprising him. ” … and you

stood on the quay, holding a lantern.  I called to you. You jumped in and saved


This time the colour drained from his face.

 “You saved me” she repeated.

In a new, savage outburst Liam turned on her. “What are you suddenly?

Gypsy, clairvoyant or some freak creature invented by this ghost pit!”

This time his anger did not frighten her but her calmness incensed him further.

He swore, tugging open the car door.

It was half hour before she saw him returning and went to meet him speaking

before he had a chance to utter a word. “That dream has terrified me for weeks. It

started at home. When I arrived here I recognised the harbour”.

His sighed .”Susie, I don’t know why I’m so bad tempered lately. I’m into a

very strange mood – can’t shake it off”. Frowning, he mused. “I used to hear folk

worry about dreams and things. I never realised they could have some kind of

reason – like all this. Its bizarre”.

       Back in Sue’s room at the Fishermen’s Rest, she moved away from the 

window. “D’you suppose maybe they can talk to us from the other side?  If they

can then maybe someone is trying to communicate with me, or you, or both of


‘No way!!!’  His face was incredulous.

 “Ever since I arrived here, Liam, I’ve been getting the strangest

feelings. For instance, what is it about that room at the end of the hall?”

He avoided her gaze. “What about it?”

Sue moved away. “I don’t know. That’s just it.  … ”   she hesitated,

uncertainly. Should she confide in Liam?  He prompted her. “What?”.

“You better not laugh and say it was the moonlight or my imagination …”

She glanced uneasily at him. “There’s something about that room.  It’s not easy

to explain …”  She took a deep breathe “… I sneaked in there one evening when

the Peverells were out. I thought I heard something. It was really dark, I know, but

for a second or two only, there was a man in there – no, don’t start

rationalising it, Liam. He was in bed and when I opened the door he

beckoned to me, laughing –jeering more like. It was pretty sinister. I heard

 his laughter then I threw the light switch and there was nothing there but

linen and stuff, but I KNOW he was there. And I was not asleep either. And it

was not my imagination. I saw him”. Liam came to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Could have been anything. Subconsciously you were expecting to see someone

in there and in the shadows you did.  There is always a feasible explanation to

any ghost story, Susie”.

 “Tell me about your dream”.

He was fingering his beard, leaning back, his hair burnished gold under the light.

 “The sea was wild.  You were thrashing about, calling me. When you

disappeared, I panicked. I thought you were gone. The feel of that ice cold water

took my breathe away. I can feel it now beneath my hands as I swam towards

you …”.Liam’s voice had  altered as he relived the nightmare. “I dragged you up

by your hair” 

 “What then?”

“I handed you over. They wrapped you in a blanket and carried you into

the Inn.  I can still see your face; deathly pale.  I couldn’t get that sight of you out

of my mind.  No matter what I was doing. Pow! There it was again.  And I’d hear

 you calling me. After a couple of days I was convinced you were in big trouble. I

remembered the name I’d seen whitewashed crudely on the harbour walls.

PORTMERRYN.  It was there, clear as a news headline. So I checked the internet. 

It said:  PORTMERRYN.  small fishing village on Atlantic coast of Cornwall,

England.  Population l500. ”

He laughed.  “It was really there. Suddenly, I was caught up in the curiosity of the

whole thing but I had no way of knowing where you were. You hadn’t left any

forwarding address …”  His gaze accused her. “I thought about calling your folks


“You didn’t!” she interrupted abruptly.

“I rang Annie instead.  She hadn’t heard from you in weeks.  That

convinced me. You had to be in trouble if Annie hadn’t heard from you. So – here

I am.  God knows what I expected to find but you are not in any trouble and I’m

a prize idiot for letting a crazy dream get me so strung out.  I’m embarrassed

talking about it”.

“How can you say that”. She challenged. “You and I, thousands of miles

apart, experience the same dream.  How can you rubbish that?  It has to be


 “Significent of what” he sneered, the warm feeling of companionship fading.

“Its a load of crap and I’m ashamed of my incredible stupidity”. He got up, moving

about restlessly. “I’m a busy man – I have contractual commitments at home.

That’s where I ought to be, taking care of my own affairs. I’ll ring the airline in

the morning.”

Outside the wind was rising, the sea growing angry, beating against the

harbour walls and even before the rain began to patter against the window

panes, Liam murmured. “There’s going to be a mother of storm tonight” ,

securing the window against the wet and cold.  Sue sat stiffly on the edge of the

bed. “I don’t like it  …”.  

 “Then leave”.  His voice was harsh, uncaring.  

 “I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen”. She desperately

needed him to understand but he wanted no part of it.  “You’re getting to be as

crazy as the locals who believe all this crap. Spirits who walk on a stormy night! 

  He nodded towards the window “Shouldn’t have to wait long now”.

  Sitting in the rocker Liam swung gently to and fro, morosely silent, his

attention firmly on the can of beer in his hand. When the first crash of thunder

cracked open the sky he went to watch from the window. The sea was growing

wilder until finally it exploded over the quay in angry white foam tongues. The

night had darkened. The small boats, once peacefully moored, now bounced

erratically in a frenzied ballet. It had grown colder. Sue looked towards the cliffs

which in the dark of the storm were  menacingly sketched against the sky, the

jagged contours relentless above the wildly disturbed ocean. She remembered

standing on that cliff edge and once again knew the desperation she had felt

then. Beside her, Liam’s face was grim, his body taut.   There was a loud

crunching from below. “A small boat’s been thrown against the steps”.

There were sounds from downstairs and Colin Peverell appeared on the quay

in a long black oilskin.   Whilst he struggled with the moorings, two other men

joined him, dressed in oilskins.  They fought hard against the weather, 

managing to secure the ropes but the little boat was wrecked. One man yelled

above the thunder. “The Crest’ll be fighting a terrible rage, God help ’em, I say.”

Another man yelled back. “I had ’em on the radio less then an hour back. They

were hoping to beat the storm home”.

Liam moved away from the window. “That’ll be your boyfriend’s boat. The

Crest”. He grinned cruelly, stretching out on the bed and she grew uneasy

beneath his malevolent leer. Another crash of thunder shook the small room in

which now seemed to lurk an alien atmosphere. Gone was his easy friendship,

his teasing sexuality. Now his dislike, his hatred, frightened her and she quickly

looked away from his eyes, glinting icily.  She sensed the evil intent lurking


The sudden sharp knocking at the door granted a small reprieve as Sue hurried

 to open it.  Velda was frowning. “Its a horrible night, come and join us below for

some supper.  You wont want to go out in this weather”.

Sue’s heart was thumping.  Desperately wanting him to be nice to her, she

forced her thoughts to behave.  She had chosen, freely, to leave this man. He

had  cheated on her, not once but several times, if her well meaning friends

were to be believed. Worse, he had hit her on at least three occasions. So why

was she trembling while the old familiar ache grew within her. 

She had walked out of his home but he still lived in her heart. Turning away she

busied herself at the dressing table. She recognised the crucifix immediately. It

now lay on the dressing table  among her own things. Last time she had seen it

had been in Toronto on the morning Liam had tried to kill her.  Her fingers

reached out then stopped. It was evil. Why had she thought that?  A crucifix was

 the sign of goodness. A good luck charm against evil. 

If he were to touch her now she would submit. Hating herself made it no less

true.   She leant forward, her head touching the cold wooden beams. Outside the

storm continued to rage. When he began to turn her round into his arms, Sue

fought hard to retain some pride. This was Liam being cruel. He didn’t want her

but he would enjoy having her surrender again. His vindictiveness hurt her

deeply yet she could feel herself giving in. His mouth touched the hollow of her

throat and a wealth of emotion rushed through her but when her eyes opened she

 was shocked at the cruel gleam of power in his gaze. She had never seen

such a terrifying look before and tried to back away from him but his hands

 imprisoned her. Bending his head he kissed her lips, forcing her to accept him,

brutally, ravishing her mouth while she fought to push him away. Then as if to

confirm her worst fears, Liam’s fingers took hold of her silk shirt fastenings,

ripping them apart, exposing her warm, soft flesh,his hands crudely grasping at

 her breasts, squeezing so hard that she screamed beneath his mouth, fighting 

to push him away. Punching, slapping, tugging at his hair, clawing at him until

he  struck her hard across the mouth, stunning her before he swung her up

into his arms and carried her over to the bed. She screamed. “NO!”  Her attempts

 were thwarted as he dumped her down onto the bed, his hands fumbling to unzip

 her jeans. . Again, he had turned into a madman. While he made to drag off her

jeans and pantees, she kicked out at him, her arm outstretched, seeking anything

 with which to strike him. Her fingers closed around the Mickey Mouse clock just

 as her knee made sharp  contact with his chin. He broke his grasp and Sue rolled

 away, off the bed, her legs tangled in her jeans. Struggling to free and protect

herself at the same time, she twisted around. He was coming towards her, hate

flaring from his eyes. Backing into the corner of the room, she screamed at him

“You’re insane!  You don’t know what you’re doing …”

But his laugh  chilled her.

“Dear God, do you hate me so much?” Attempting to cover her nakedness

she jumped when another flash of lightening filled the room, lighting his face.

Cruel loathing sharpened his features, destroying the gentleness she had once

loved. This man was a stranger.  His fingers snaked around her upper arm 

dragging her back across the bed. She fought wildly, thrashing out at his face,

her nails drawing blood. “Leave me alone, Liam, or I’ll scream this place down”.

Her tears had dried, replaced by a dull throb of pain and fear. “You’re stoned.

You’ve taken something.  What have you taken!”

When he laughed again, the maniacal sound froze her blood.    What had she

done to make him hate her so violently. His fingers were bruising her flesh but

she found the courage to look at him. Could she cajole him out of this insanity.

“Come on, Meredith, you’ve had your joke. What did I do?”

An ugly sneer disfigured his natural good looks. “You ask me that!?”

Unexpectdly he threw her aside so that she fell between the bed and bedside

cabinet, scraping her elbow and grazing her shoulder. She ignored the pain,

 her attention on Liam as he strode from the room, the door slamming on his


Alone, she sank back against the wall, hugging herself. He had intended

to rape her.  Liam had wanted to rape her!  

Seated around the table, with the Peverells, they discussed the storm and Liam,

who looked and behaved in his normal manner, enquired after the Crest. Colin

shook his head. “There’s been no sighting of the boat.” 

 Listening to them, Sue could have been forgiven for believing she had

dreamt what had occurred between them earlier – only her bruises proved it had

not been a dream.  Thankfully, most were hidden beneath her jumper.

All but the red mark on her cheek where Liam’s fist had struck her. She

shuddered at the memory  hearing him ask soliticously. “You feeling okay?”

Unable to meet his gaze she began to rise.” My head is pounding.” smiling

apologetically, “Don’t let me break up the party”, and was almost overcome with

relief when he made no move to accompany her.

Her bedroom felt cold and damp. Even the electric light failed to dispel the

sense of moisture lingering there. Undressing quickly, she pulled on her dressing

gown and went over to the window, her eyes blind, not seeing the churning sea.

Pre-occupied with Liam’s insane attack, she slowly became aware of the lavender

filling her senses, at the same time the coldness in the room increased until she

felt the wetness. Her eyes were smarting, making her squint, blink. The rain was

beating her in the face! Bewildered, Sue peered through the window panes.

High up on the cliff edge, a dark cloaked figure stood in the torrential rain, her

cloak billowing wildly.  Her hands tightly clasped the folds of her cloak

together at her throat, the hood barely covering her hair. She stood on the cliff

edge, staring out across the ferocious ocean while the lightening daggered

across the sky. 

Stupified, a loud buzzing filled her head. Sue’s voice returned in a blood curdling


Down below the men stared at each other, then moved as one, bounding

up the stairs, Colin reaching the room first, Liam behind him. 

       “LYAM …”

She wore a  strange expression: glazed eyes, her hands tightly clenched at

her throat. Following her gaze he saw nothing through the window.

 “What’s wrong?”

She was trembling violently.  In a voice, totally unlike her own, she whispered

his name again before crumpling into a dead faint at his feet.

 Opening her eyes, Sue found herself lying on the bed with Liam sitting

beside her, anxiously rubbing her hands. She gazed back at him, saying in that

strange, breathless voice “Lyam, you came back …”. 

The doctor completed his examination and turned to Liam. “Apart from

all these bruises I can find nothing wrong. She is sleeping deeply. Did she

take some sleeping pills? Her pulse is normal. What exactly happened?”

Liam repeated the story yet again. The doctor frowned. “Maybe she was

frightened by something. On a night like this there are strange noises, especially

here on the water’s edge.” He began to pack away his instruments. “How did she

come by those bruises?  They are fresh”.

Liam turned aside. “Maybe when she fell”. The older man eyed him boldly.

“Those are not bruises sustained in a fall, young man”, and sniffed, turning

away. “If she complains of any pain or discomfort, give me a ring”.

He turned back and studied Liam frankly. “Had you quarrelled?”

The blue eyes narrowed, anger flaring behind the steady stare.

“I don’t know what you’re driving at, Doctor, but I did not beat her unconscious”.

“I’m very glad to hear it” retorted the little doctor “Because if you had

physically beaten her it would be a police matter, wouldn’t it?” 

 Colin’s head appeared around the door. “Alright to come in, Ben?”.  

It was Liam who answered. “Sure” adding coldly “And you can explain to the

Doctor that I was below with you when Sue screamed. I get the feeling he would

like to report me to the police for causing grievious bodily harm”. 

Colin gave an uneasy laugh. “Don’t be daft, man’, glancing at the sleeping Sue.

The doctor was at the door “Goodnight, gentlemen”

 The tall, broad figure of the Canadian remained by the bed, frowning

down at Sue. “She had looked peculiar – almost comatose, staring, her hands

clutching at her throat. Then she falls in a heap – unconscious.”

Colin Peverell moved to the door. “She complained of a headache at dinner.

Migraine p’haps?  .

       In the morning Sue remembered very little other then Liam’s manic attack

on her and she awoke with a shock to find him sleeping beside her. She had no

recollection of going to bed. Lifting her arm she squinted at her watch. Twenty

five minutes after five, and the rain continued to patter against the window. Her

shoulder hurt as she moved and she remembered what had caused the injury.

Her eyes lingered over the peaceful face on the pillow beside her.  There was no

cruelty in him now. Feeling cold she snuggled down under the covers again

where she lay listening to Liam’s regular breathing. Turning her head carefully

she studied him. All she had to do was reach out and touch him but which Liam

would open his eyes?  The Liam she loved or the maniac who had tried to rape

her? Perhaps her look penetrated his sleep because he stirred, reaching to draw

her close to his body. Sue stiffened, fear swelling inside her then fading as she

felt and recognised the warmth of him, and the way her body curved and fitted

with his, and she slept again.

 It was the gulls perching on the window sill who woke them with their

calls. Liam’s arms remained secure about her. “How d’you feel?”

 “Hhmmm” she drawled sleepily. His fingers gently moved the hair away

from her face, lingering to stroke her cheek. “You sure scared the hell outta me” 

Not quite awake she repeated “Hmmmm”, her mind and body becoming aware

of his light, tender caresses as his fingers renewed his knowledge of her. Her

eyes opened slowly. He was smiling down at her. “I must be slipping”. Searching

his face  for some sign of her tormentor, she found none and found herself

smiling back until his mouth tenderly touched hers. The fights and injuries were

forgotten, along with the cruel taunts and the horrors of the attempted rape.

Her mouth parted willingly beneath his and with every nerve in her body

screaming for him, she pushed close into his arms, loving the way they curled

around her body, fusing their naked flesh together so that she sighed deep

inside. Liam’s mouth trailed scorching kisses down her throat, lingering in the

small hollow there and continuing on down over her breasts, flicking and licking,

lighting fires which would surely engulf her. Then: “How did you get these?” 

Dragging herself back she stared at him from glazed eyes.  Oh God! she cried

silently, Was he going to start again?

         “Sue?”   His thumb lightly stroked the bruise on her left breast where

earlier he had gripped and twisted so hard she had screamed. Now she began to

tremble and tried to draw away.

“Sue?” his frown darkened his eyes but there was no madness there. “What

happened ?”

She left the bed.   Wrapping her robe around her, Sue stood at the end

of the bed, hugging herself, hearing him come to her.  He turned her gently

around. “Is this the trouble I sensed for you?’ His hands cupped her face. “Baby,

tell me who did this to you?”

Torn between wanting to lie and wanting to accuse him, beat him as he

had beaten her, Sue instead stepped away from him. “Leave it, Liam”. 

Suddenly anger burst inside her and she twisted around, slapping his face. “You

did it, you bastard. It was you who tried to rape me!   YOU!”   

 A throbbing silence filled the room then Liam began to laugh, softly. “You

crazy, chick.  For a minute there, you had me going.”  

But Sue shook her head. “Do you really suppose I’d joke about something like

that?  Take a look at your handiwork, Mister Meredith” tearing open her robe,

displaying the ugly bruises vibrant on her pale but lush breasts and stomach.

” You were some kind of a madman – ” she shuddered and turned away

whilst in her mind she questioned her own reason. Here she was in the early

hours discussing rape with the attempted rapist while he stood stark naked

beside her looking as if he thought SHE was mad.

 “Why are you doing this?” His voice shattered the heavy silence. Quietly, sad,

bemused. He was pulling on his jeans, tucking in the white cotton

shirt he had been wearing when he attacked her. She saw the specks of blood

on the shoulder. Her blood. Her hand went to her mouth which was still sore

“There’s blood on your shirt”.

He stared at her.

 “There – on your shoulder.  You swung at me, cut my lip …”. 

He padded about the room in his bare feet. “I want to know why you’re doing

this?”. Liam’s temper was fermenting. “Did you tell the doctor this sick tale; is

that why he practically accused me of knocking you unconscious.  Is it?” His

voice had risen and he was pale faced, his fingers  gripping her shoulders while

he shook her. “Is it?” He was hurting her again.

“What are you talking about. What doctor?”  

With a scathing look, he released her to walk across to the window. “You’re

turning into a real fine actress, Sue.  P’haps you should consider a new career.”

Then glaring at her from over his shoulder. “The Doctor we had to call when you

passed clean away”.   Sue felt her throat tighten in that scarey familiar way.  Fear

began to ripple through her veins. “I passed out?” then “When?”

Liam turned about but something in her ashen face stopped his intended tirade

of sarcasm.  Her green eyes were wide with fear.  “You don’t remember?”  

She shook her head, the thick wheat-gold mane falling about her shoulders.  His

earlier anger was dissolving as some worrying realisation began to dawn. She

had collapsed in this very room and did not remember and he had apparently

brutally attacked her yet he had no memory of such an odious incident. He

forced himself to speak lightly. “You fainted.  We couldn’t bring you around so

Colin dashed out for the doctor – some ol’ guy he called Ben, who reckoned there

was nothing wrong with you and that you were just sleeping deeply”.

  “But I don’t remember any of it. I don’t remember feeling faint … I don’t

remember …”

  “The doc examined you. There’s nothing to worry about”. 

Her voice was unsteady. “I have no memory of any of it. How could I just faint

like that.  Why?”

Liam turned away. “He thought you might have been frightened … maybe …”

then “You want to talk to him yourself?” She was shaking her head. “You don’t

suppose I have a brain tumour or something … I keep hearing and seeing things

… isn’t that symptomatic of a tumour?” 

Crossing the small space between them, Liam took her into his arms. “That’s a

heap of rubbish. There is nothing wrong with you.” 

She clung to him. “Perhaps I imagined you attacked me”. 

His arms dropped away. “The bruises are real enough”   

She looked up into his resigned face. “That happened before dinner, after Velda

came to invite us. I remember that – and going downstairs. I remember being

scared of you; of not wanting to be left alone with you again.  I came up here

leaving you down there … ” 

He watched her. “And then?” 

Sue shook her head “Nothing.  It’s a blank”.

 “And I have no recollection of attacking you” Liam could not meet her eyes. “If I

hadn’t seen the bruises I’d have remained convinced you were setting me up. 

But I’ve seen the bloody bruises. So – am I suffering from a brain

tumour also?”

       While they stared at each other the gentle drift of lavender wafted about

them forcing Liam to comment  drily. “I sure wish Velda would go easy on the


       Sue stared down from her bedroom window.  Liam had left , saying he

needed air and was going for a walk. Now she could see him returning.  He

stopped on the quayside, beside the harbour steps.

      But while she watched him, something weird was happening. It was as if

another figure superimposed itself over his body. She squinted, shading her

eyes. Was he really wearing skin tight breeches and knee high boots?  His beige

 coloured shirt had wide loose sleeves, caught tight at the cuffs and around his

throat there was a glint of a gold chain. His hair looked darker, longer, and yet it

was Liam.  Then he turned and looked up at her window, and she stepped back,

out of sight. The expression on his face was alien and full of hate and she

recognised the man who had so callously tormented her the previous night.  


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